Qualification for Crufts!

Well it was a wet and cold day for Rita’s @ausifairydust first show of the season – the West of England Ladies Kennel Society held at Malvern – but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Nerves were in evidence as was to be expected and the small rings and cold weather did not encourage the competitors to show to best effect.

Despite this Rita achieved a 4th in Post Grad and a 3rd in Limit. The latter gives her a qualification for Crufts 2019. With the Crufts qualification safely under her collar Rita will be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the show season.

Rita’s yellow rosette for 3rd place will be winging its way to Australia soon for her beloved Grandpa Tom @PuppyNumber7 to add to his collection.9BB123AC-5E64-4026-8D86-61B0CA4E206E


Papa is back in hospital

Dear pals

We need your loving thoughts more than ever today. Papa has developed an infection following surgery and has been admitted to the vet hospital for treatment.  They have succeeded in lowering his temperature slightly and are awaiting the results of lab tests so they know more about the specific bug that has caused the infection and they can target it better.

It is late evening now in Queensland and Papa will stay in hospital overnight. We hope to have better news for you tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and if you have a minute send a message. Nan appreciates them so much although she may not get chance to respond to you as, on top of everything, she is having connection issues.

Love you all

Chloe Archer-Puds @ourChloePup

On the Dogwalk

Some of you know that our eldest pup- Rita @ausifairydust has already had a successful show career even though she does not turn 2 years old until later this month.

She and her human assistant Christine are hoping to build on their success this year and qualify for Crufts 2019. She did qualify for Crufts 2018 but was unable to take part as her breeder was the show judge.

Her showing calendar starts soon with the West of England Ladies Kennel Society at Malvern on 27th April. This will be her first show for some time and she may be a little out of practice but we know that she will do her best. Whatever result Rita attains we will be very very proud of her.


Chloe Archer-Puds @ourChloePup

Merlin Archer-Puds @ausimerlin

Photos below show

1. Rita having her first major groom of the year in preparation for the show season

2. Rita in show stand

3. Rita with her friend, the handsome Robbie who is already making waves as a potential show star

4. Rita relaxing before making her entrance

Home Again

Dear pals

My darling Papa is home

He did so well and was so brave at vet hospital that Dr Terry allowed him to come home early. He is on pain management and rest until he feels strong enough to continue learning to walk again as a Tri Paw.

Nan has rearranged her working area so that she can keep an eye on Papa who is enjoying the space of a queen sized mattress on the floor to himself.  Also, it is not too far for him to get outdoors to do what a dog needs to do.

It is wonderful to see so many of you on #TomsPorch. Nan is reading all the messages and sharing them with Tom to keep his spirits up.  Janie and I and the rest of the fambly are visiting in turns but taking care not to over tire him.

Please continue to send love and good thoughts, every message means so much to Nan and we love you all


Chloe Archer-Puds


Another Ride on the Rollercoaster


Papa recovered well from his biopsy

Dear pals

This is not the news we wanted to give you but the second bone biopsy has confirmed that my dearest Papa @puppynumber7 has cancer of the bone.

Nan & Pop have discussed treatment options with Dr Terry his specialist oncologist and have decided that amputation of the affected limb followed by a course of chemotherapy will give Tom the best chance of a good outcome.

So, *swallows hard*  Papa is booked in for surgery tomorrow (Tuesday 17th April) and will stay a couple of days in vet hospital under the care of Dr Terry and his team and will be back home to meet his new grand daughter Janie by Friday.  After about 2 weeks he will start a course of chemotherapy  The infusion will be given by drip after a blood test and he will have 4-5 treatments each 3 weeks apart.

Papa is in excellent health otherwise and is on a special cancer fighting diet which Dr Terry has praised Nan highly for.  We will share the details if anyfur is interested in this please ask.

Papa is a fighter and he wants to be back on the soccer field as soon as possible kicking a ball around with lickle Janie  It may take him a little while to get used to being a tri-paw but he will do it, of that we have no doubt.

Please can we ask again for you all to keep Tom and his family in your thoughts and prayers, if you say them in what is going to be a trying few months for them. We very much appreciate all of the support that you have given us so far. It means so much to know that we have such dear kind and caring friends all around the world and we love you all very much.


Chloe Archer Puds



Life is a Rollercoaster – Update

Dear pals

We have now heard from Papa’s specialist vet (Dr Terry) that the results of the bone biopsy done previously are inconclusive. No cancer cells were found but they did find markers that could be tumour/cancer or fungus. They tried to grow fungus but it didn’t grow. It could be that the biopsy missed the cancer/tumour (4 times?) or it could be a processing problem. Either way it is strange that no cancer cells were found but Dr Terry thinks this is a good thing even though it is puzzling.

So, the biopsy is to be repeated on Thursday. We are worried about the delay but Dr Terry wants to be present at the procedure and he is away at a conference in Melbourne and he has assured us that it will be OK to wait a few days.

Papa wants us all to know that apart from the limp and swollen wrist he is fit, well and raring to go with a great appetite and no other signs of illness.

Nan & Pop are worried and anxious but they trust Dr Terry and we must be guided by the experts so all I can ask you to do for now is to continue sending your love and good thoughts our way, especially for Thursday when Papa will be most unhappy at being back in vet hospital.

Thank you for all your support at this worrying time for our fambly. We appreciate each and every one of you that has taken the time to send us a message or has us in your thoughts.

with love from Chloe Archer-Puds

Life is a Roller Coaster


Dear pals. 

We have news that we would like to share with you, some good news that we hope will bring a smile to your face and some news that will  sadden or worry you.

To share our good news first Merly @Ausimerlin and I would like to announce that we are expecting a new puppy. She is a girl Labrador to be named Janie and she will join our little family on 17th April. We are both thrilled as is Rita @ausifairydust who is looking forward to having a little sister to play with.

It’s Merlys birthday tomorrow 6th April and he says this is the best birthday present I could have given him. He hasn’t stopped grinning since I told him.

Now for the rollercoaster.

The day after we learned we were expecting  Janie our dearest Papa @puppynumber7 was at vet hospital for investigation of a swollen wrist and a limp. We were making light of it and thinking maybe a touch of arthritis or a sporting injury as Papa does fancy himself as a young pup on the soccer field.  

However the results from the vet showed the presence of bone cancer, news which has devastated us.  The vet was concerned that the cancer would already have spread, most likely to Papa’s lungs. But the good news is that a scan showed his lungs to be clear.  We have now had preliminary results of a bone biopsy and this is inconclusive and further tests are being carried out and we will hopefully know more by the weekend.

Soooooo *deep breath* we are asking for pals to kindly keep Tom’s fambly in your thoughts while we deal with this. We are all staying positive and know that the love and support of our amazing Twitter community will help us face whatever is in store for us over the coming weeks.  

Thank you for reading, we love you all




Chloe Archer-Puds

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