Papa’s Progress

Dear pals

Just a quick update to let you all know that Papa @PuppyNumber7 had his second session of chemo yesterday and all went well. He is at home resting now.  We have an anxious wait now for 4 or 5 days to see if he suffers any side effects. He came through well last time so we have all our paws crossed that he will sail through again.

He has also adapted well to life as a Tri Paw and is getting around and doing everything a dog needs to do very well.

If you can, please spend some time with us on #TomsPorch where you will find pals to chat with, comfy cushions to rest on, soft blankies to cover up with and most impawtantly an all day buffet, bar and BBQ.

Love to you all from

Chloe @ourChloePup xxxx9679B9C6-0007-47F6-854E-FA31078980BD


Pet Video Verify – a Microchip Alternative

Hi pals. We have been asked to post this blog about Pet Video Verify’s software, which is video identification for your pet and could result in getting a lost or found pet home faster. Please read on:


Today, lost and found pets are a big issue. Many pet owners have high anxiety that their pet is going to get lost. They should be worried, the statistics are that many pets do get lost – it is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will get lost some time in their lifetime. If you don’t act quickly and have systems in place, you may never see your pet again. Pet Video Verify is developing applications that help you put systems in place that help manage your pets better with this website.

Pet Video Verify identification system is trying to revolutionise how lost pets are found and returned to the owner. In the current version of the web application, the pet owner looks over the pet for special attributes and takes measurements, then they video the pet including the special attributes and measurements. You can see an example of a video identification by clicking here. When all these special attributes and measurements are put together, virtually any pet can be identified. A video of your pet is a lot better way to identify them because with a video you can get all parts of the pet’s body. In the future, we are also going to include electronic measurements of the pet in the video.

Pet Video Verify has integrated another application into its software – the ability to store pet medical records online by visiting here. When you have access to your pet medical records online, you can access the medical records anytime you need them from any device that is connected to the Internet. Keeping your pet medical records online also help veterinarians because if your pet gets lost and ends up at the vet, the vet may not know the identity of your pet. The vet can use the video identification to identify your pet and also pull your pet’s medical records! Very helpful and can save your pet’s life.

Pet Video Verify has an application where pet owners can sell their used pet items to other pet owners. Pet owners search the Internet looking for pet items. Many would prefer pet items that have already been used and that the owner needs to get rid of, which can be found here. They can search Pet Video Verify for these items and contact the owner to purchase those items.

Pet Video Verify also receives pet coupons from major retailers at their site. We receive the coupons or deals from big retailers such as PetSmart. We push the coupons and deals directly to our users, helping them find deals on new items that they need for their pet. We are getting new advertisers all the time so we receive lots of good coupons and deals.

Pet Video Verify also has a pet supply store for when you want new pet items instead of used ones.  We are updating these new pet items all the time. Check out these items by clicking here

You can also post your cute pet pictures for everyone to see on our website. People love cute pet pictures because they bring joy to their life. Pet owners love posting them because they are proud of their pet and they want them to bring joy to other people.  People also love watching funny pet videos as it brings joy and laughter to their day. You can submit your funny pet videos and watch others by clicking here


Please read Jessie’s post on the Koala Tracker – a real eye opener. Humans must do something to save the precious Koala

Jessie & Jane


Just wanted to let you know that, yesterday on Twitter, I met Alex Harris (@koalatracker). Thank you so much @petsarefound for the introduction to this lovely lady! *whispers* how about following both these twitter accounts?

I’ll let you explore Alex’s webpage Koala Tracker but (believe me!) its worth a visit. I joined immediately (its FREE!) and captured the above picture which shows the devastation our recent floods and fires have caused our Koala population.

I’m going to ask Uncle Hugh to become a Koala Tracker as he lives in the bush!

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Summer House extensions

When Keely & I moved into the Summer House after we were married, it was ideal for just the two of us – enough room to have friends stay over and still cosy for a loving couple.

Then #ourWinnie came along, and to accommodate her growing collection of clothes and Guide Dog Puppy School assignments we renovated her bedroom, which involved adding a study and dressing room. Luckily for me our good pal Alfie @AlfieLuvsCassie assisted in this work:

Collage 1

Alfie and I were really pleased with the end result, and so was #ourWinnie:

Collage 2

Now with the arrival of #ourChloePup it has been sternly pointed out to me that we again need to extend to incorporate a new bedroom for her. So I girded my loins and shut myself in my #manshed, throwing myself deep into drawing up plans, my creativity being helped along a little with the occasional baconbeer.

My pal Ruger @RugerBlue volunteered to assist in the renovations, which I was grateful to accept. Ruger is a pawsome mate from Kiwi Land, skilled in carpentry and owning his own tools and hard hat.

Ruger 1

Once we had settled on a course of action (and supped a few more baconbeers) we started working.

Collage 3

Things were a bit of a mess for a while …


… and Nanny Jessie had a few suggestions …

Thomas & Jessie 1

… but finally we were finished, and #ourChloePup now has a bedroom of her own.

Chloe in Piglet PJ's in Nursery by Nanny Jessie

Little girls are precious gifts

wrapped in love serene;

their dresses tied with sashes,

their futures tied with dreams.

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah is also known as the Jewish Festival of Lights and lasts eight days. This year it begins on the evening of Saturday 8 December and ends on the evening of Sunday 16 December.
In 165 BC, the Jews in Judea rebelled against the Syrian ruler, Antiochus, because he insisted that all Jewish people must worship Greek Gods. Against all odds, a small band of faithful Jews defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth – they drove the Greeks from the land, reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to their God.
As part of the celebrations they lit an oil lamp which should have been kept burning all the time, even though they could only find enough oil to keep it burning for one night. But a miracle occurred, and the oil lamp stayed lit for eight days, which was the time it took to make new oil for the lamp. This  was the Miracle of the Oil.
It was then declared that every year Jews would remember the day with an eight-day Festival of Lights and celebrate the miracle of the oil by placing eight candles in a Menorah (a special candlestick) and lighting one candle for each evening of the celebration. Electric lights are sometimes used, especially where where an open flame might be dangerous, such as a hospital room. The Hanukkah lights are meant to remind those walking by the home about the holiday’s miracle, so the Menorah is displayed at a prominent window or near the front door.
During Hanukkah, people exchange gifts and give to the poor and needy.
Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah

To all our furiends who observe this holiday,
we wish you a Happy Hanukkah.
from Winnie (and Mil) and Thomas (and Nan) xx