Papa’s Journey

Dear pals,

My beloved Papa’s (@PuppyNumber7) tussle with the dreaded cancer has taken another turn. Last week Nan discovered a lump growing on his side near his rib cage and investigations have confirmed that this is cancer, probably osteosarcoma, the same as affected his leg. This has been a dreadful blow to us all, coming so quickly after he finished chemo.

Options for treatment have been discussed with Papa’s vet, Dr Terry, and it has been decided that Papa will not have any more invasive surgery or stressful treatment but will have chemo tablets to take at home to slow down the growth of the lump and also pain relief medication. At the moment Papa’s rib bones are strong, he has a good appetite and he is not in pain but sadly we do not know how long this will continue. He will live out however many days he has left at home surrounded by his fambly, fursibs, kitty family, the chooks and wild birds, and of course, Nan and Pop (Wendy and David) who love him dearly.

Our hearts are sore but we will now enjoy efurry minute of efurry day and we intend to fill our time with picnics in the meadow, soccer games, rides in the car with the wind ruffling our fur and heaps of special noms. #TomsPorch will be open 24 hours a day for anyfur who wants to join in the fun or to sit in quiet reflection with loving pals. We know there are many of our Twitter pals who are going through hard times just now and our hearts are open for efurryone.


Love to you all

From Chloe Archer-Puds @ourChloePup


Happy News

Dear pals

I know many of you are anxiously waiting for more news about my beloved Papa @PuppyNumber7 so am delighted to share his latest words with you on his progress

“*….wot a pawsome day today is! T’was the morning of many firsts. For instance, I went on a looong patrol and am all smiles, actually laughed a couple of times. I am figuring out how to scratch again after a poo (just using my back legs). I am developing my gait. And I have joy in my step again. Nan’s so happy, and it seems, so am I! *thumping tailwags*

He has come through the first round of chemo with very little in the way of adverse side effects and we feel that we can now relax a little bit and enjoy every day again.

Your support and encouragement has helped immensely to get Tom to this stage of recovery. Thank you all so much for your love, supportive messages and suggestions for keeping Tom happy and active in his recovery phase.

Love you all


Chloe Archer-Puds

Chemo Begins

Dear pals

Papa @PuppyNumber7 is having his first chemo session today. It was scheduled for 4pm Queensland time. Most likely Papa, Nan & Pop will be quite tired on their return, what with battling rush hour traffic on top of caring for Tom but once there is any news we will update you. Please keep sending all of that love. It means so much to us whilst we battle this disease. Efurryone is welcome on #TomsPorch to sit quietly with pals, light a candle or enjoy the all day buffet.  We love you


Chloe Archer-Puds


Papa – Update

Dear pals

Just to let you all know that Papa @PuppyNumber7 has had 2 check ups at the vets this week. Stitches have been removed and the last bit of infection is healing well. His next visit is on Thursday this week to see one of the senior vets and discuss chemo

Thank you so much for all your loving words and messages. Nan appreciates them all so much and we draw a lot of strength from them. We are the luckiest fambly in the whole world

❤️ You all

Chloe Archer-Puds xxx


Papa is back in hospital

Dear pals

We need your loving thoughts more than ever today. Papa has developed an infection following surgery and has been admitted to the vet hospital for treatment.  They have succeeded in lowering his temperature slightly and are awaiting the results of lab tests so they know more about the specific bug that has caused the infection and they can target it better.

It is late evening now in Queensland and Papa will stay in hospital overnight. We hope to have better news for you tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and if you have a minute send a message. Nan appreciates them so much although she may not get chance to respond to you as, on top of everything, she is having connection issues.

Love you all

Chloe Archer-Puds @ourChloePup

Home Again

Dear pals

My darling Papa is home

He did so well and was so brave at vet hospital that Dr Terry allowed him to come home early. He is on pain management and rest until he feels strong enough to continue learning to walk again as a Tri Paw.

Nan has rearranged her working area so that she can keep an eye on Papa who is enjoying the space of a queen sized mattress on the floor to himself.  Also, it is not too far for him to get outdoors to do what a dog needs to do.

It is wonderful to see so many of you on #TomsPorch. Nan is reading all the messages and sharing them with Tom to keep his spirits up.  Janie and I and the rest of the fambly are visiting in turns but taking care not to over tire him.

Please continue to send love and good thoughts, every message means so much to Nan and we love you all


Chloe Archer-Puds


Another Ride on the Rollercoaster


Papa recovered well from his biopsy

Dear pals

This is not the news we wanted to give you but the second bone biopsy has confirmed that my dearest Papa @puppynumber7 has cancer of the bone.

Nan & Pop have discussed treatment options with Dr Terry his specialist oncologist and have decided that amputation of the affected limb followed by a course of chemotherapy will give Tom the best chance of a good outcome.

So, *swallows hard*  Papa is booked in for surgery tomorrow (Tuesday 17th April) and will stay a couple of days in vet hospital under the care of Dr Terry and his team and will be back home to meet his new grand daughter Janie by Friday.  After about 2 weeks he will start a course of chemotherapy  The infusion will be given by drip after a blood test and he will have 4-5 treatments each 3 weeks apart.

Papa is in excellent health otherwise and is on a special cancer fighting diet which Dr Terry has praised Nan highly for.  We will share the details if anyfur is interested in this please ask.

Papa is a fighter and he wants to be back on the soccer field as soon as possible kicking a ball around with lickle Janie  It may take him a little while to get used to being a tri-paw but he will do it, of that we have no doubt.

Please can we ask again for you all to keep Tom and his family in your thoughts and prayers, if you say them in what is going to be a trying few months for them. We very much appreciate all of the support that you have given us so far. It means so much to know that we have such dear kind and caring friends all around the world and we love you all very much.


Chloe Archer Puds



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