Room with a view

Okay, I have to admit that things were getting a bit crowded in the Summer House with Chloe collecting and bringing home efurry little critter she could lay her little paw on.

Grabby          Nipper & Bitey          Squashy

Some of Chloe’s critters – Grabber, Nipper & Bitey, and Squashy

It was bad enough when she broke into the #manshed and commandeered the beer fridge for her deceased zoological specimens, callously throwing our #baconbeer into the warmth of the day to die. That hurt. But things came to a head when she left the big crab “Grabber” (eggcitedly acquired that day) in the toilet bowl overnight … the horrified shriek that I let out at 2 o’clock the next morning echoed around the water closet and neighbourhood and brought the household running. But it pales in comparison to the humiliation of Grabber hanging from my tail, his big claw snapping perilously close to my doghood *blushes at the memory*. That hurt even more.

So, council permit and bandaged tail in paw, I rallied the building team from the sunpuddles they were relaxing in their various energetic and impawtant activities, and we set about making renovations to the Summer House to accommodate Chloe’s expanding critter fambly.

"The Handydog Hotties" Ruger, Thomas, Pantie & Alfie

“The Handydogs” Ruger, Thomas, Pantie, Alfie

The ladies had some definite ideas …

Discussing the extension plans

Calmly discussing the extension plans

… but we blokes knew eggsactly how to proceed with this job!

Sorting priorities

Sorting priorities

Despite regular interruptions from the meddling ladies of the house, we were soon hard at work building Chloe’s new bedroom with it’s attached dressing room and ensuite.

Chloe Car Bed2

We also built a whole new room especially designed to house Chloe’s growing collection of critters. No more dog-eating crabs lurking in the toilet bowl!


The renovations were finally finished, and as we packed up we were delighted to see Jessie coming down the road with all the makings of a magnificent barbecue.

meat cart

Efurrybuddy is welcome to join us for BBQ noms but until Grabber is relocated to his new tank, please use the Port-a-Loo in the back yard!

Grabber in toilet