Dame Jessie

There’s a buzz in the Summerhouse … Chloe came scampering down the garden path with the newspaper this morning, hollering something about Nanny Jessie becoming royalty!

We gathered around the kitchen table, pouring over the paper, and there in print it said that our very own dear sweet Nanny had been dubbed a Dame! The news was announced yesterday by @GuideDogBliss in the #AnipalsBirthdayHonours, who said that Jessie’s dedicated nanny skills and devotion to her charges @ourWinniePup and @ourChloePup had earned her the title.

Dame Jessie

Dame Jessie

We imagined her outwardly chuckling at all the fuss but secretly enjoying it immensely. There was even a picture in the paper – Jessie looked fantastic in a new hat, a gleam in her eye and a little smile playing on her lips. Peerage suits her. Chloe cut the piccie out and stuck it to the fridge so we can see it all the time. Then we lifted our #chocmilks to toast our beloved Nanny and announce there was no more deserving kitty in all of Anipaldom.

We love you Dame Jessie, and hope that you are enjoying your retirement xox


A Vale And A Birthday

Please click to read all of Janis’ post. Her huMum Sabine has made a very generous offer – all you need to do is leave a comment on their blog and you will be helping to remember Aunty Jane and Animals Australia to save animals from cruelty. Thank you.

Jessie and Jane … update

We are relieved to report that Aunty Freya has received a call from Suzanne, one of Hugh’s two daughters. Using some of Freya’s words:


Much to our relief and delight, Jessie is loved by the family and will be kept within its protective circle. At the moment she is living in the country with Hugh’s other daughter, Catherine. There are also two kitties living there and Jessie is a bit wary of them but Catherine is doing all she can to help her adjust. However, if she doesn’t settle properly in time then Uncle Hugh will take her home (he has been described as “big, warm, and cats love him”).


Suzanne has kindly given us a bit more information about what actually happened. On Christmas Eve, Jane had been feeling unwell and a doctor was called to her house. He returned on Christmas day and she was taken to hospital that day. The family was called and by that evening she was unconscious. Unfortunately she was suffering from a rare infection that was very aggressive and untreatable, and on Boxing Day she passed away.

Jane had not been in pain and received excellent care at the hospital, but sadly there was just nothing that anyone could do.

Suzanne said the family is overwhelmed and in shock. They are a small family; Jane’s parents died of old age and they have been untouched by tragedy before this.

They have been going through Jane’s address book but have only now been able to access her computer; unfortunately they don’t have the password to her twitter account. However, some of us may hear from Hugh and they are working on an email to send out.

The family is very moved at the extent of our caring and asked Freya to pass on their thanks for our efforts to find Jane and contact the family. Freya explained that Jane was very loved and had close friends all around the world. Suzanne said there were many Christmas cards in Jane’s house and it touched them immensely.

We guess they didn’t really know much about her online life, so Freya has given them the address for a Google search to look at some of the images that Jane created. She has also advised them of Jane’s twitter name and suggested they look at the #RIPJane hashtag.

Freya told Suzanne that Jane was a wonderful and caring friend to many of us and she got a lot of enjoyment out of our anipal twitter, which is imaginative and a lot of fun for people. She tried to explain that on twitter we got to see the fun side of Jessie & Jane, and that there was always someone to talk to and lots of people to follow the footy or tennis with without having to leave home. She also explained that twitter was a place of escape and fantasy, where Jessie was the adored Nanny of Winnie & Chloe.

She stressed that there is a lot of love from a number of people going out to the family (and Jessie) and that we are trying to find positive ways to honour Jane’s memory and continue the kindness that she showed.

Below is a copy of the memorial notice to the family. They were very grateful to read it in the paper and to see the link to Animals Australia in her name.

Melbourne Herald tribute

We hope that everyone can take some comfort from the knowledge that both Jane and Jessie are safe, loved and cared for. And while the tears will fall for a long time yet, the grief is mingled with determination to honour our friend by being the best we can be to make the world a better place for all.