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After a long struggle with her health, Aunty Ingrid passed away earlier today. She and her doggy Daffy had always been kind to us, especially when Keely went to the Bridge, so we couldn’t let this sad occasion go by without saying something about our dear friend.

One thing that really struck a cord with us was that Aunty had a wonderful gift – she had a way with words. She touched many with her words and brought comfort to those who grieved. She is silenced now but the poems she wrote will forever speak to us.

And so it is with a mixture of sadness, pleasure and gratitude that we reproduce a couple of our favourite poems here. Efurrytime we read them, we will remember Ingrid. Rest in Peace, Aunty *soft paw* and sleep sweet in Rainbow’s light.


When Pepi @PepiSmartDog died, Aunty Ingrid adapted a religious poem for the Bridge and sent to it Michelle, Pepi’s mum. This is the poem:


For those who are wondering, Daffy will be welcomed into the home of the pawsome Aunty Dana @danapixie, where we know she will be loved and treasured for the rest of her days.



Believe etc

As we say goodbye to 2013 and toast in the New Year, our thoughts often turn to absent furiends and loved ones, and new beginnings.

To those dear souls who have been called Home ahead of us, we thank you – for your love and the precious memories you gave us to cherish. You showed us happy times and joy, and we will never forget you.

They say that although no-one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending, so here’s to happy endings. May we become better anipals with each passing year.

Remember – little keys open big locks, simple words carry profound thoughts, and your smile can ease a heartache.


A special day …

(A letter from Winnie)

Dear Pals

This coming Thursday 21st February would have been Mama @AngelKeely and Papa’s @PuppyNumber7 second wedding anniversary. It is also Papa’s 6th birthday. I have been given the day off #BigSkool to spend with Papa.

Understandably Papa does not feel like having a celebration for his birthday and has specifically requested that nothing is organised on Twitter. He will be spending the day in quiet reflection, as will MIL @champagnesmurfi , #ourChloePup and I. We know that all of our dear furiends on Twitter will join us in this and we will be surrounded by your loving support.

However, we do not want Mama to be forgotten, and although their union was brief, Mama and Papa loved each other dearly and wanted efurryone to be as happy and content as they were. That legacy lives on in me and #ourChloePup and we would like to ask you to do something for us on 21st Feb. It is a very simple thing  and will cost you nothing.

We would like you to carry out a kind and loving deed for someone. This can be for someone you know or a complete stranger. It does not have to be anything elaborate, maybe something as simple as letting someone go in front of you in the supermarket queue or helping out a colleague at work. The smallest thing may make the world of difference to someone’s day and who knows, maybe they in turn will do something kind.

If you could tell us about your kind deed on Twitter using the hashtag #KA4KT (Kind Act for Keely & Tom) we would take great pleasure in reading your tweets and remembering how much Keely and Thomas loved each other and were loved by you.  To know that @AngelKeely lives on in this way would be the best gift you could give Papa on his special day.

Thank you, my dear dear furiends
Winnie xxxxxxx


The Parting

There is a poem we would like to share, penned in 1678 by John Norris [1657 – 1711], a philosopher and poet who lived a quiet and placid life as a country parson and thinker:

The Parting

How fading are the joys we dote upon!
Like apparitions seen and gone.
But those which soonest take their flight
Are the most exquisite and strong –
Like angels’ visits, short and bright;
Mortality’s too weak to bear them long.

These words have particular meaning to us, having lost Keely so recently to The Bridge and now Winnie’s approaching departure for Guide Dog school.

Thank you to our furiend Pantie @Hf_Fulvia for leading us to this verse.

I Cannot Lie By Your Fire

When we lost our darling Keely over the Rainbow Bridge last month, our furiend @KingTuttiFruitti’s mama @FlaCatLady sent us an excerpt from a moving poem about the loss of a beloved dog. We would now like to share the poem in its entirety with you:

Dear Winnie

Dearest Winnie

On this your first birthday, I felt the need to write you this letter. Your darling mother and I had so looked forward to watching together as you grew; I know she is looking down upon us now and is as proud of you as I am. She loves you with all her heart, and that love will endure eternally.

How do I tell you how special you are to us? From the moment we set eyes on you, we felt something wonderful and amazing had happened. I remember looking into your sweet face and thinking “Dog, we are so lucky to have this beautiful puppy”. You were everything I never knew I wanted, and more. You made me a better dog, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Your mama did an amazing job to help mould you into the young dog I see before me. She is the one who taught you to be patient and kind, and above all, to love with a passion. And Winnie, you learned your lessons faithfully. A sweeter more thoughtful pup you could not be; you are quite simply remarkable and all who meet you will want to be your friend.

Little one, the hardest thing a parent has to do or face is when their puppy grows up and leaves home. I know that it is our job to do this – to prepare you for a greater purpose – but that doesn’t make it any easier when it happens.

As you go forth in your life, we wish you happiness and joy each and every day of your life. May you know only good times darling, but should there be sadness at any time in your life, remember your past, who you are and where you come from; lean on the strength and courage that mama has shown you possess.

I hope that you will always know that mama and I love you. No matter where else you are, or where we may be, you will always be in our hearts. If you should need us, that’s where you will find us.

So to end this and to thank you for coming into our lives and making a difference that can never change, I thank you and say this from the bottom of my heart. WE LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL

from your loving mama and doting papa xxx

A New Tomorrow – Welcoming 2012

We would like to share this neat poem … brought to mind with the passing of the old year into the new.



Tomorrow Begins Today!

If tomorrow seems uncertain – know that there’s a plan.

A purpose to accomplish; if you believe – you can!

Today begins your future, don’t let it slip away.

You can have tomorrow, what you believe today!

Some will say “You’re dreaming, it can never be”.

But stay strong; be encouraged, and one day you will see.

Your words about tomorrow, help prepare the way.

You will see tomorrow, what you say today!

Find a hurt and heal it. Today help fill a need.

The things you do for others, will grow like planted seed.

Harvest time is certain, and you will get your pay.

You will reap tomorrow, what you sow today!

Today you feel rejected. Tomorrow you’re a hit.

As long as there’s tomorrow, tough people never quit.

If your strength is failing, take time to rest and pray.

For you will be tomorrow, what you prepare today!

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