Say a lickle purrayer

UPDATE!! – The lump was not cancerous!! Thank you for all the pawsitive vibes and purrayers.


Dear pals, it’s Chloe here. I wanted to let you know that I am going to vet hospital on Tuesday 19th July to have a lickle operation. I have a lump that appeared on my face just under my eye about 3 weeks ago. The vetty woman has taken 2 fluid samples and thought at first it was a hystiocytoma ( benign tumour) but tests have been inconclusive.

Because the lump is very small at the moment but in an awkward position just under my eye, Mum and the vet have agreed that it is best to remove it now as if left to grow removal may be difficult without scarring and, of course, the most important thing is that we need to know what it is.

Mum gets terribly worried about lump things, having lost 2 dogs to cancer whilst young. The first indication of dear Mama’s (@AngelKeely) lymphoma was a tiny lump on her back so not surprisingly she is a bit concerned even though I am very strong and healthy with no other symptoms.

So I don’t want anybody worrying about me but if you could hold me and Mum in your thoughts on Tuesday and until we get the results of the tissue test back we will be ever so grateful. Oh and if you could all have a little #widdleoncancer as well I am sure that will help no end.

Lots of love xxxxx

#WiddleOnCancer #ChazzMomPorch 3



A Midsummer Afternoon

“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”
― William Shakespear, A Midsummer Night’s Dream ―

Tempted outside by sunshine, birdsong and the smell of newly mown grass, Chloe and Merlin set off paw in paw for the meadow. Merlin carries a hamper full of sossidge pies and lemon drizzle cayk lovingly made by Mama @AngelKeely and packed by Papa @PuppyNumber7, plus a nicely chilled bottle of pink bubbles to wash it all down.

Laying out their picnic rug near the willow tree at #KeelysPlace, they set out the noms and lie in the sunshine. It’s a typical English summer day; the sun is shining, the birds are flying high in the blue sky and butterflies and dragonflies skim over the pond and meadow grasses. Buttercups, daisies and poppies nod and sway in the warm breeze. It’s a perfect day for the fairies to be about their magic business.

Drinking bubbly

The loving youngsters share their feast and toast each other with glasses of pink fizz. No sossidge pie or lemon drizzle cayk ever tasted so delicious. As the sun rises higher in the sky, Merlin puts up the sun umbrella to protect his darling’s complexion and sets out soft blankies and cushions for them to lie back on. The happy doggies chat about their upcoming engagement pawty. It is going to be such fun to see all their pals dressed up and having fun in the meadow. Slowly, overcome by warm sunshine and pink fizz they drift off to sleep in each other’s paws …

A short while later Chloe opens her eyes. She can hear a squealing noise coming from the pond. Leaving Merlin to snooze, she goes to investigate; maybe a hedgehog is stuck or a baby bird has fallen from his nest, or maybe the willow grove fairies are up to their mischief. Tippy-toeing around the pond she is astonished to see a tiny puppy floating on a lily pad & in imminent danger of falling off!

Rita on lily pad2

Rita arrives on a lily pad, watched over by a dragonfly and clutching a purple freesia.

“Merly! Merly! Wake up, come quickly!” she shouts. Merlin comes running, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the back of his paw. “What is it, my love?” “Look Merly, a puppy in the pond!” she points excitedly. “I’m going in to rescue her.” Not waiting a second longer she dives into the pond and comes up spluttering next to the lily pad, which she tows to the bank where Merlin helps her and the pup reach dry land. The puppy scampers over to Merlin, completely unaware of the danger she was in and giggling at the dragonfly fluttering around her. Merlin wraps her in warm soft blankies, and she looks up at him adoringly and says “Papa?” Chloe bends to pocket  something that was on the lily pad then turns to Merlin. “We must get her back to the house and dried off darling, she may need feeding and I don’t think she’s old enough for sossidge pie and cayk”. Merlin splutters “She called me Papa darling, but I’m not her Papa”. Chloe looks at the dragonfly that has landed on the purple freesia and smiles. “Oh, I think there is a resemblance darling. Maybe she knows you better than you think BOL!”

Chloe & Merlin run up to the summerhouse carrying the pup and Thomas comes out to see what all the fuss is about. Gazing down at the little furry bundle, he wonders if it is possible that history is repeating itself, remembering a similar event almost 4 years ago when Chloe came to them. Chloe whispers, “Papa, I think the fairies left her for me to find, I’m sure I heard them whispering and look at this” Chloe carefully pulls something from her pocket and triumphantly holds up a tiny pair of fairy wings.

Thomas smiles at the happy young faces. “Are you ready to raise a pup as your own, darlings?” Chloe nods, “I am Papa. Merly and I were just saying we couldn’t wait to have our own lickle one.” Merlin nods eagerly, his eyes shining. The little pup says nothing but grips Merlin’s paw tightly and blows a bubble at Thomas.

And so our happy little family is increased once more and Thomas has his dearest wish come true … a grandpapa at last.

Rita with toy cart

Welcome to Rita

Chloe’s Third Birthday

Birthday Girl - Boy - 1K1rX-1b7 - normal

Three years ago on 26 October our pride and joy doubled with the much-anticipated birth of our precious pup Chloe.

Since that day she has delighted us with her sweetness, made us laugh with her sense of humour, and excited us with her passion and zest for life.

She is all good things rolled into one lovely golden furry package.

Please leave a comment here to wish her happiness on her special day.


Pals, #ourChloePup has been on her #firstdate with Chester !! She and her furiend Hans met with the handsome Chester @ChesterWoof and Max @MrMaxWoof at the beach and had a wonderful time.

Jessie and I happened to be there too, unbeknownst to the pups. And before your suspicious minds think that we were snooping on the young ‘uns, let me tell you that we were there with the binoculars just to watch the seagulls. Honest!

Jessie & me seagull watching *ahem*

Jessie & me seagull watching *ahem*

Click here to read all about Chloe & Chester’s eggciting #firstdate and see the wonderful pictures of efurrybuddy having fun:

And PS – did you see their #FirstKiss??

Yes, Jessie & I managed to be there for the first kiss too!

Yes, Jessie & I managed to be there for their first kiss too!

Chloe’s First Birthday

Chloe Jayenhope Ochres Acorn Archer                                                                                                                          was born on 26 October a whole year ago …

Collage 2

Please sign her birthday card by leaving a comment on this post. Thank you, efurrybuddy.

Room with a view

Okay, I have to admit that things were getting a bit crowded in the Summer House with Chloe collecting and bringing home efurry little critter she could lay her little paw on.

Grabby          Nipper & Bitey          Squashy

Some of Chloe’s critters – Grabber, Nipper & Bitey, and Squashy

It was bad enough when she broke into the #manshed and commandeered the beer fridge for her deceased zoological specimens, callously throwing our #baconbeer into the warmth of the day to die. That hurt. But things came to a head when she left the big crab “Grabber” (eggcitedly acquired that day) in the toilet bowl overnight … the horrified shriek that I let out at 2 o’clock the next morning echoed around the water closet and neighbourhood and brought the household running. But it pales in comparison to the humiliation of Grabber hanging from my tail, his big claw snapping perilously close to my doghood *blushes at the memory*. That hurt even more.

So, council permit and bandaged tail in paw, I rallied the building team from the sunpuddles they were relaxing in their various energetic and impawtant activities, and we set about making renovations to the Summer House to accommodate Chloe’s expanding critter fambly.

"The Handydog Hotties" Ruger, Thomas, Pantie & Alfie

“The Handydogs” Ruger, Thomas, Pantie, Alfie

The ladies had some definite ideas …

Discussing the extension plans

Calmly discussing the extension plans

… but we blokes knew eggsactly how to proceed with this job!

Sorting priorities

Sorting priorities

Despite regular interruptions from the meddling ladies of the house, we were soon hard at work building Chloe’s new bedroom with it’s attached dressing room and ensuite.

Chloe Car Bed2

We also built a whole new room especially designed to house Chloe’s growing collection of critters. No more dog-eating crabs lurking in the toilet bowl!


The renovations were finally finished, and as we packed up we were delighted to see Jessie coming down the road with all the makings of a magnificent barbecue.

meat cart

Efurrybuddy is welcome to join us for BBQ noms but until Grabber is relocated to his new tank, please use the Port-a-Loo in the back yard!

Grabber in toilet

Chloe’s First Picture Album

Chloe 02

We would like to share some of the gawgus pictures of Chloe

taken by a professional photographer.

Chloe 03

Pretty as a picture


Chloe 05

Let’s have a chat


Chloe 01

Look what I found!


Chloe 04

Sweet dreams


Chloe 06

Anyone for a dance?


Chloe montage2

Ballerina Chloe


Chloe 12

Our little butterfly

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