Australia Day

Ever since I met Thomas @PuppyNumber7 I have been keen to learn as much as possible about the funny upside down country that he lives in. I know that when he’s in bed I am wide awake and when it is his summer it is our winter.

I have also learned about some of the strange creatures that he shares his life with, possums, sugar gliders, kangaroos that bounce around in herds and beautiful brightly coloured birds. I have listened to the deafening noise of the frog chorus and discovered that carpet pythons don’t live in carpets but look like carpets a fact that leaves me confused about tree snakes!
January 26th is Australia Day which commemorates the first settlement in Australia by people from my country in 1788. It is now a public holiday in Australia and is an opportunity for Australians to celebrate their country and culture.
In honour of Australia Day Thomas and I are wearing our Akubra hats. This is traditional headgear worn in rural Australia by farmers and stockmen. These useful hats protect the wearer from sun and rain and can be used to carry produce such as eggs or mushrooms.