Say a lickle purrayer

UPDATE!! – The lump was not cancerous!! Thank you for all the pawsitive vibes and purrayers.


Dear pals, it’s Chloe here. I wanted to let you know that I am going to vet hospital on Tuesday 19th July to have a lickle operation. I have a lump that appeared on my face just under my eye about 3 weeks ago. The vetty woman has taken 2 fluid samples and thought at first it was a hystiocytoma ( benign tumour) but tests have been inconclusive.

Because the lump is very small at the moment but in an awkward position just under my eye, Mum and the vet have agreed that it is best to remove it now as if left to grow removal may be difficult without scarring and, of course, the most important thing is that we need to know what it is.

Mum gets terribly worried about lump things, having lost 2 dogs to cancer whilst young. The first indication of dear Mama’s (@AngelKeely) lymphoma was a tiny lump on her back so not surprisingly she is a bit concerned even though I am very strong and healthy with no other symptoms.

So I don’t want anybody worrying about me but if you could hold me and Mum in your thoughts on Tuesday and until we get the results of the tissue test back we will be ever so grateful. Oh and if you could all have a little #widdleoncancer as well I am sure that will help no end.

Lots of love xxxxx

#WiddleOnCancer #ChazzMomPorch 3