Naz – A Loving Tribute to my kitty sisfur

Dear friends, it’s Chloe here. I have been a bit absent from Twitter as my kitty sisfur went over the Rainbow Bridge at the grand old C8F6D46A-ABB7-4AD4-99BB-A46AD21EC0EAage of almost 20 and our little fambly has been very sad. As she was so much older than me I didn’t know very much about her so I have allowed Mum to write this tribute to her:


Naz  joined our family in 1997. A rescue, she was around 1 year old and we were her third home. She came with a reputation for not being quite the full packet of Dreamies.  A tiny, fierce, spitting ball of black fur with startlingly beautiful green eyes, she joined Sammy Border Collie, Lucy Golden Retriever, Amy Tortie Cat and Daisy May Tabby Cat.


Naz, Amy & Daisy May

On first introduction they regarded her with varying degrees of horror & moved ever so slightly closer to each other in a rare show of family solidarity.

Although her name when she came to us was Coco, my step daughters re- named her Naz after Naseem Hamed, a famous featherweight boxer at the time, which gives you some clue as to her attitude! This was a kitty who took feisty to a whole other level.

FullSizeRenderWe knew little of her life other than that she had lost her Mum at an early age. She regarded her new home and companions with suspicion & seized every opportunity to escape the confines of the house and take up residence on the garage roof, only venturing down for hurriedly eaten meals.  The first winter she moved into the garage, her startling eyes piercing the gloom when we went in to feed her.

Gradually she learned to trust us and crept into the warmth of the house to join the rest of the family but her wild nature was never tamed. Daylight hours were spent snoozing indoors but come dusk she was out to terrorise the local rodent population. There were very few days when she did not leave a present or two on the doorstep for us.  She slowed down as she aged but was still able to surprise us. Her last “kill” back in the summer was a stoat which must have weighed almost as much as she did.

Over the years our 4 legged family changed as Lucy, Amy, Sammy and Daisy May left for Rainbow Bridge & we welcomed Keely and subsequent Guide Dog puppies Quella, Smartie, Flora and Winnie and then of course,  our sweet forever dog Chloe. Needless to say Naz was boss of them all.

She remained aloof and independent all her life and she was grossly affronted at the regular vet visits that became necessary as she aged. Ailing but not obviously ill in her last few weeks, she let me know that it was her time and we cuddled before making that last sad journey to the vets where she left this life in a much more gentle way than she had ever lived it, with me holding her paw.

Run free sweet soul Naz aka Coco … RIP 13 November 2015

FullSizeRender (1)

Amy, Naz, Mum and Daisy May


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Phi
    Nov 22, 2015 @ 16:07:55

    Oh no, Am so very sorry to hear. I know the rainbow bridge held many friends to greet and comfort Naz, including Hi. Your post is such a beautiful tribute to the love she gave you and you gave back. We send our comfort woofs.


  2. spookyshorty
    Nov 23, 2015 @ 02:30:09

    Oh sweet Naz you had such a wonderful loving home, & a terrific life.
    Reading this tribute brings many tears, reading it today 22nd Shortys 3rd yr anniversary otrb, that you were almost parallel to Shorty. 1st you’re all black, 2nd you came to your forever home in 1997 same yr Shorty was born & came to me, 3rd you went otrb on the 13th Shortys birthday (more of gotcha day then birth day) & 4th that today the 22nd I’m reading this.


    • puppynumber7
      Nov 23, 2015 @ 05:13:56

      *soft paw* It is little wonder that Nan believes we are all star dust and connected furever, Aunty Lillian. We have you and Shorty in our hearts always xxx


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