Pals, #ourChloePup has been on her #firstdate with Chester !! She and her furiend Hans met with the handsome Chester @ChesterWoof and Max @MrMaxWoof at the beach and had a wonderful time.

Jessie and I happened to be there too, unbeknownst to the pups. And before your suspicious minds think that we were snooping on the young ‘uns, let me tell you that we were there with the binoculars just to watch the seagulls. Honest!

Jessie & me seagull watching *ahem*

Jessie & me seagull watching *ahem*

Click here to read all about Chloe & Chester’s eggciting #firstdate and see the wonderful pictures of efurrybuddy having fun: http://iamchesterwoof.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/my-first-date/comment-page-1/

And PS – did you see their #FirstKiss??

Yes, Jessie & I managed to be there for the first kiss too!

Yes, Jessie & I managed to be there for their first kiss too!