Winnie’s #BigSkool Update #4

*rushes in from clearing the mailbox* We have received a letter from Winnie’s Guide Dog school trainer !! *the fambly excitedly gathers around the breakfast table as Thomas rips the envelope open and reads the letter to them*


“To the Archers in the Summerhouse …
I am writing to update you on Winnie’s progress in her early training. She got used to the kennel routine quickly and enjoyed meeting the other dogs that came into the centre at the same time as her. Although she was initially shy around the centre, it took  less than a week to settle at home in her new surroundings.
She was confident out on the streets from her very first visit and has always been eager to be the first out of the van and get working. She began picking up the tasks quickly, which was probably due to her positive attitude and how much she enjoyed getting the work right.
Winnie has always walked at a comfortable pace with a nice level of tension on the handle, which will make her popular when the time comes for her to progress on to advanced training. She also accepted the full harness with no issues.
An issue I did have to work on with Winnie was her bird distraction. She does love her birds; initially it seemed she was trying to fly off with them. This has much improved by giving her tasks to focus on whilst passing them, such as sit wait or even using them as an obstacle. This enables Winnie to remember she has still got a job to do even when she is tempted to play with the pigeons.
One of the areas I am most impressed with Winnie is her behaviour in any social situation such as cafés etc. I have been in some situations where children have tried to get her to play with them, and even tempt her with toast, but she remains in her down stay regardless.
All being well Winnie will progress onto advanced training in May/June, but I will keep you updated on any additional information as I receive it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work with Winnie, I look forward to working with her every day and she is a pleasure to be around.
from Winnie’s Trainer”