A special day …

(A letter from Winnie)

Dear Pals

This coming Thursday 21st February would have been Mama @AngelKeely and Papa’s @PuppyNumber7 second wedding anniversary. It is also Papa’s 6th birthday. I have been given the day off #BigSkool to spend with Papa.

Understandably Papa does not feel like having a celebration for his birthday and has specifically requested that nothing is organised on Twitter. He will be spending the day in quiet reflection, as will MIL @champagnesmurfi , #ourChloePup and I. We know that all of our dear furiends on Twitter will join us in this and we will be surrounded by your loving support.

However, we do not want Mama to be forgotten, and although their union was brief, Mama and Papa loved each other dearly and wanted efurryone to be as happy and content as they were. That legacy lives on in me and #ourChloePup and we would like to ask you to do something for us on 21st Feb. It is a very simple thing  and will cost you nothing.

We would like you to carry out a kind and loving deed for someone. This can be for someone you know or a complete stranger. It does not have to be anything elaborate, maybe something as simple as letting someone go in front of you in the supermarket queue or helping out a colleague at work. The smallest thing may make the world of difference to someone’s day and who knows, maybe they in turn will do something kind.

If you could tell us about your kind deed on Twitter using the hashtag #KA4KT (Kind Act for Keely & Tom) we would take great pleasure in reading your tweets and remembering how much Keely and Thomas loved each other and were loved by you.  To know that @AngelKeely lives on in this way would be the best gift you could give Papa on his special day.

Thank you, my dear dear furiends
Winnie xxxxxxx



Please read Jessie’s post on the Koala Tracker – a real eye opener. Humans must do something to save the precious Koala

Jessie & Jane


Just wanted to let you know that, yesterday on Twitter, I met Alex Harris (@koalatracker). Thank you so much @petsarefound for the introduction to this lovely lady! *whispers* how about following both these twitter accounts?

I’ll let you explore Alex’s webpage Koala Tracker but (believe me!) its worth a visit. I joined immediately (its FREE!) and captured the above picture which shows the devastation our recent floods and fires have caused our Koala population.

I’m going to ask Uncle Hugh to become a Koala Tracker as he lives in the bush!

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Winnie’s #BigSkool Update #3

*Winnie pulls up outside the summerhouse in #winniescab*  Woo hoo Papa, Nanny, where are you? I’m here on a flying visit. We’ve been working so hard at #BigSkool I’ve been given a day off.

*She zooms into the house and kisses Papa and #ourChloe & gives Nanny big squeezy hugs*  Oohh, is that a sossidge pie I see ? *sits down at table & tucks in* The food at school is OK but it’s not a patch on yours.  *Sips #milomilk from Nanny*

I’m afraid I have a bit of a confession to make. I was s’posed to send this report from my trainer to MIL but honestly, we have been working so hard and having so much fun that I forgot about it *produces grubby dog-eared bit of paper from pocket of Skool blazer* Oops sorry *retrieves bit of sossidge stuck to it*

Tom puts his glasses on and starts to read, Nanny listens intently …

Guide Dog School update 3

Tom takes his glasses off & wipes his eyes. He looks proudly at his daughter who is playing with #ourChloePup and is lost for words. He walks over to them both and puts his paws around Winnie and hugs her tightly. She is on her way to fulfilling her destiny………

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