Winnie’s #BigSkool Update #2

Guide Dog School first pic 28.1.13

Dearest Papa and Nanny

I can’t believe that I have now been at #BigSkool for 2 weeks, the time has just flown by and I am having so much fun!

There are many doggies here and they are all very friendly so I have made lots of new pals. We go out training twice a day (in the morning and the afternoon) but the trainers are so nice to us it doesn’t seem like #skoolwork. They take us out to different places in their big vans so I am getting to see a lot of the world. Well, the bit near to #BigSkool anyway, BOL.

I think my trainer is pleased with me *hopeful ears* He is going to ring MIL and give her a progress report soon so I have been extra careful not to be too cheeky to him.

The food here is quite good but the brekkie is not up to your standards. I’d give anything for a plate of bacon, sossidge and scramblies washed down with a #milomilk *sigh* On the plus side you will be pleased to hear that I am no longer at the top of my weight range *proud ears*

Is efurryone well at home? Did Pop get that bone I sent him for his birthday? Has #ourChloePup chewed up all the toys I left her? Are all my pals on Twitter well? Have they forgotten me already?

It’s lights out time now so I have to finish and settle down to sleep. I don’t take any rocking these days I can tell you

With love from your devoted
Winnie xxxx
Guide Dog in Training


Chloe’s First Picture Album

Chloe 02

We would like to share some of the gawgus pictures of Chloe

taken by a professional photographer.

Chloe 03

Pretty as a picture


Chloe 05

Let’s have a chat


Chloe 01

Look what I found!


Chloe 04

Sweet dreams


Chloe 06

Anyone for a dance?


Chloe montage2

Ballerina Chloe


Chloe 12

Our little butterfly

Winnie’s First Day at #BigSkool


Dear Papa and Nanny

Well, I have arrived at #BigSkool and it looks really exciting! When Teddy and I pulled up there were lots of dogs barking and yapping to welcome us and to be honest it sounded like a great big pawty.

The very kind staff took us to our room and as we had travelled over together and were furiends, we have been put in a room together. We are being looked after by a lovely lady called Kim who rang Mil to let her know that we had arrived safely and were settling in OK. Kim told Mil that she thought I was adorable *blushes*

We were left to unpack our things, which didn’t take long, and then we had our first lesson – which was playtime BOL! The staff took Teddy and me out into a huge field and let us play and run around to let off steam after the stress of our journey. I found some strange old rags in my truck that we took to the field and played tug and chasey games with.

Appawrently things will take a serious turn tomorrow when I am allocated to a trainer and get checked out by the *whispers* v e t.

We are not allowed computers or phones or even owls at school so I am sending this letter by snail mail and don’t know when it will reach you but I hope it finds you both well and happy.

Please let all my Twitter pals know that I am having a fab time but I do miss them. I hope they are having lots of fun too.

Love and licks from your ever-loving Guide Dog in Training, Winnie xxxxx

We have been honoured


Click here for Jessie’s Blog

Our Nanny Jessie @JessieJaney keeps a pretty pawsome blog that attracts international fame, and recently she was presented with the prestigious and sought-after “The Next Big Thing” Award *appaws*

We are delighted to add that Jessie also nominated our blog! Thank you so much Jessie *hugs* We have framed the Award and it now sits on prominent display in our home.

AWARD the-next-big-thing from JessieJaney

Part of the conditions of acceptance  is that we scrutinise the blogs that we follow and decide which five of those outstanding blogs also deserve the honour. So, without further ado, we are proud to announce that we present the following blogs with their own “The Next Big Thing” Awards:


bearbeardFirst on our list is the blog written by our dear pal Bear @BearBearD: LoveAlwaysBear  Bear writes mainly of his wonderful life in California that he shares with his sisfurs Annie & Rosie. Like any normal dog, his favourite things are tennis balls and pizza *drools* Lovely posts, he always brings a smile to our face.


ChazzTheDog (male)

The next blog is from Chazz @ChazzTheDog: AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog  Chazz’s blog is always educational, interesting and fun. Besides cool posts about his life in Los Angeles, he also posts useful book, movie & product reviews, plus plenty of grreat contests and giveaways (Thomas just won a book prize!)


jasper&nellieZooming over to New Zealand, we have the entertaining blog written by Jasper & Neillie: JaspersDoggyWorld  Posts from Jasper & Neillie, beautiful and intelligent Maramma sheepdogs living the good life in the sunny Mangamahu valley just south of Wanganui with their gawgus kitty sisfurs Rosie & Strawberry, sweet bunnies Bella & Quincy, and a multitude of chickens.


rugerblue4Still in New Zealand, we drop in to Ruger’s blog @RugerBlue: AnnieNZAgain  Ruger in an Australian Cattle Dog who lives on the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful South Island’s West Coast  with his sisfur Izzy and kitty brofur Kelty. He is incredibly intelligent and knows lots of tricks *envious* Read about his wonderful life living in Aotearoa.


ozythelabradorNext stop is with Ozy @OzyTheLabrador: Ozy’sBlog  Ozy is pawsomely lucky – he lives in a guesthouse and microbrewery in Nether Stowey, Somerset, UK ! Visit his blog for his funny view on life and thoughts about being a bed-and-breakfast dog.


spanielharry5Last but not least (yes, I know this is the 6th blog and I was supposed to stop at 5) is Harry @SpanielHarry: SpanielHarry  Harry is a handsome English Springer Spaniel who lives with his sisfur Maggie in Devon, UK. Harry’s a bit of a celebrity in that he has recently written a book *impressed* Along with posts about his grrreat life, he also holds in-depth interviews with other anipals which are very interesting.


Concatulations pals – you deserve it *appaws* All we ask is that if you can, pass it along … review your own list of blogs followed and see if there are up to five (5) that you can recommend to furiends by awarding them with their own “The Next Big Thing” Award.

Our heartfelt thanks again to Jessie for awarding us with this honour.

Keely, Thomas, Mil, Winnie & Chloe xxx

To my dear furiends … love, Winnie

My dear pals, I have now gone on to the next stage of my exciting adventure to become a Guide Dog. Mil and #ourChloePup waved me off as I excitedly hopped into the car that was to take me to Guide Dog Training School. My friend Teddy from Puppy Class came too so there was plenty of excited yapping as we drove away.

Winnie & Teddy arrive at Guide Dog School 15.1.13

Winnie & Teddy arrive at Guide Dog School

Thank you all for the fun, laughter and tears we have shared in the last 15 months, particularly the love and compassion that you showed when Mama @AngelKeely left us. I am now going to do my best to make Mama and Papa proud of me and work hard at school to become a fully qualified Guide Dog. We will let you know when that exciting day arrives. In the meantime, if you see a Guide Dog or other Assistance Dog working or training, think of me.

Please try not to be sad as this was always my destiny and we knew that this day would come. Rather, be happy for the fun that we have shared and if I have helped you to understand a little bit of the fantastic job that puppy raisers do and the sacrifice they make in returning us pups, then I am content.

Please take good care of Papa @PuppyNumber7 for I am his first-born and he will miss me very much. Maybe his good pals can help him drown his sorrows with a few baconbeers. Nanny @JessieJaney might be a bit gruff for a while, hiding her true feelings, but she has #ourChloePup to keep her busy now and the odd sniff of nip will keep her on an even keel.

Please also take good care of each other and remember always to be kind and loving. We have all seen how brief our lives can be and we should try to fill each day with happiness for ourselves and others.

Loves you all

from GDT (Guide Dog in Training) Winnie xxxxx

winnie Oct 6 036

Winnie, one month old

Snow Day !

Oh dear dear my pals, yesterday was a very topsy turvy day. As you know I was scheduled to leave for #BigSkool but 30 minutes before departure MIL got a phone call telling her that my driver was stuck in snow and ice on the North York Moors!

So we were told to go on standby and we spent all day yesterday waiting to hear about a rescheduled departure time. I was quite happy as Mil was giving me lots of cuddles and I got to play with #ourChloePup.

photo (3)

However, spare a thought for poor MiL 😦  She was on tenterhooks all day waiting for the phone call which NEVER CAME! So my pals I am STILL HERE BOL BOL!

There is an improvement in the weather forecast today although it is bitterly cold and icy  but it is forecast to get worse with significant snow on Friday BOL!

So, again we are on standby. I am anxiously watching the food supplies and MIL is on weather watch.

We will let you know what is happening as soon as possible and in the meantime thank you for all your lovely tweets which have moved us to tears. You are all so kind and caring.  Please forgive us if we don’t manage to reply to all of them but we are on an emotional roller coaster just now.

Loves you all
Soon to be Guide Dog in Training Winnie xxxxxxxxxxx

Now is the hour

Winnie – Guide Dog in Training

Today we finished packing #ourWinnie’s suitcase, placed it in #ourWinnniesCab, and are getting ready to kiss our precious little one Au Revoir – tomorrow (Tuesday) Winnie begins the second part of her Great Adventure on the exciting path to becoming a Guide Dog.

Farewell Winnie 3 15.1.13

We will keep efurryone updated on her progress. We are so proud of her and know that you join us in wishing her health, happiness and good fortune in whatever lies before her. And of course our love and lots of hugs go with her.

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