Au Revoir Menu

Our wonderful Nanny Jessie has been ever so busy in the kitchen preparing the most wonderful haute cuisine for this special pawty. Some of you may not know it but along with being a highly trained nanny, Jessie is also an honours graduate from the famous Le Cordon Bleu cookery school in France.
We invite you to take a seat at a table or recline on one of the thick warm blankies scattered around and appreciate the exciting ambience of the Champ de Mars while enjoying a tasty and unforgettable French dining experience.

….. Boissons …..

Framboises avec Lemonade

(Raspberries with Lemonade)

Apéritif à la menthe et melon

(Mint & Melon Aperitif)

Coco Chanel Cocktail

(Gin, Kahlua & Cream)

Vert Absinthe fée

(Green Absinthe Fairy – stronger than Nip)


(Champagne, brandy, cider, Cointreau & lemon juice)

Prétendre punch au Champagne

(Punch with lemonade)

….. Entre …..

Saucisson En Croute

(Sausage Rolls)

Fromage de chèvre et tomates séchées au soleil Profiteroles

(Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Profiteroles)

….. Fruites de Mer …..

Moules à la vapeur dans un bouillon de tomates et fenouil

(Steamed Mussels in a tomato and fennel broth)

Nicoise Salade de thon mi-cuit

(Salad Nicoise with Seared Tuna)

….. Bœuf …..

Filet Mignon au beurre de ciboulette

(Filet steak with Nip butter)

….. Porc …..

Médaillons de porc

(Pork Medallions)

….. Canard …..

Canard à l’Orange

(Duck with orange)

….. Dessert …..

Tulipes with Raspberry Sorbet

(Biscuits and Ice Cream)

Choux à la crème avec sauce au chocolat foncé

(Cream Puffs with Dark Chocolate Sauce)

Caramel Soufflés

(Caramel Souffle)

Bon Appetit !


Au Revoir, Winnie

Our Winnie will soon be leaving us for Guide Dog School.

Please sign her card by leaving a comment here.

Thank you.

RSVP invitation to her #SkoolPawty

Our dear furiend Janis @JanisFelidae has introduced us to a German tradition, the “Schultüete” – literally “Schoolbag” though it´s not a “bag”. A “Schultüete” is a large cornet, prettily decorated and filled with sweets and little presents, given to children in Germany & Austria on their first day of school. We are delighted and honoured that Janis has made one for Winnie, and proudly show it off here. Thank you Janis!