I Cannot Lie By Your Fire

When we lost our darling Keely over the Rainbow Bridge last month, our furiend @KingTuttiFruitti’s mama @FlaCatLady sent us an excerpt from a moving poem about the loss of a beloved dog. We would now like to share the poem in its entirety with you:


Dear Winnie

Dearest Winnie

On this your first birthday, I felt the need to write you this letter. Your darling mother and I had so looked forward to watching together as you grew; I know she is looking down upon us now and is as proud of you as I am. She loves you with all her heart, and that love will endure eternally.

How do I tell you how special you are to us? From the moment we set eyes on you, we felt something wonderful and amazing had happened. I remember looking into your sweet face and thinking “Dog, we are so lucky to have this beautiful puppy”. You were everything I never knew I wanted, and more. You made me a better dog, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Your mama did an amazing job to help mould you into the young dog I see before me. She is the one who taught you to be patient and kind, and above all, to love with a passion. And Winnie, you learned your lessons faithfully. A sweeter more thoughtful pup you could not be; you are quite simply remarkable and all who meet you will want to be your friend.

Little one, the hardest thing a parent has to do or face is when their puppy grows up and leaves home. I know that it is our job to do this – to prepare you for a greater purpose – but that doesn’t make it any easier when it happens.

As you go forth in your life, we wish you happiness and joy each and every day of your life. May you know only good times darling, but should there be sadness at any time in your life, remember your past, who you are and where you come from; lean on the strength and courage that mama has shown you possess.

I hope that you will always know that mama and I love you. No matter where else you are, or where we may be, you will always be in our hearts. If you should need us, that’s where you will find us.

So to end this and to thank you for coming into our lives and making a difference that can never change, I thank you and say this from the bottom of my heart. WE LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL

from your loving mama and doting papa xxx