Winnie’s Birthday Card

#ourWinnie turns one year old

on 7 September 2012

Winnie has grown into a beautiful young dog, one that we are proud of and love immensely.

Please, sign her birthday card by leaving a comment for her.

Thank you !


49 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. puppynumber7
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 03:42:34

    Happy Birthday, little one *hugs* Your mama and I are so very proud of you xxx from your doting Papa


  2. Jessie & Jane
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 05:56:34

    Dances around kitchen singing *Happy Birthday* #ourWinnie as I make cupcakes and MiloMilks to eat at your pawty. *Excited Ears* as I know you going to have a ball (and sugar overload) on this very special day … love you darling and concatulations on being a whole ONE YEAR OLD


  3. fiona christie (@555SMOKEY)
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 09:17:24

    Smokey and Toby sending you Big Happy Birthday Purrs. Our huMum sends lots of kisses wishing you a Happy Day. Happy Birthday #ourWinnie.xox


  4. Pasikathleen stalker (@pasikas)
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 11:48:15

    You are a wee darling girl who spreads love all around..Happy Birthday Pasicuddles xx


  5. Alfie and Billie xxx
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 09:37:48

    Happy birthday, dear little Winnie, have a wonderful day.

    Lots and lots of love,

    Unca Alfie and Aunties Cassie and Billie xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  6. Lily T (@LilyLuWhoT)
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 11:39:02

    Happy First Birthday sweet little one! Seems like it was just yesterday your proud Papa & Mama were eagerly awaiting your arrival! You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman who is beloved by all of us! Hope your 1st Birthday is a day as special as you are! ((HUGS))
    Love you, your Papa & your Mama forever!


  7. sheila odom
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 13:01:53

    Happy birthday sweet winnie!! love you xxx


  8. Dana pixie
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 14:04:28

    Happy birthday sweet Winnie!i hope your day is as special asylu are! Big hugs to you!


  9. @IcyPinkLemonade
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 19:02:40

    Happy birthday big girl! I can’t wait til your party! I know your mom is smiling down on you, proud of what a good girl you are!


  10. Skye613
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 23:01:03

    Happy Happy First Birthday sweet Winnie! You are a ray of sunshine to all who know you.


  11. Doggymolly
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:25:31

    Happy birfday sweet Winnie I hope you have a pawsome day am very pawcited for da birfday pawty! You are a very speshul pup and bring your mama and papa such joy we all love you lots xxx


  12. Janis Felidae
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 16:14:35

    Happy happy birthday darling Winnie. You´ve grown soo big and now you already gonna turn ONE year – incredible 😀 Much love, huuuuuge hugs and a biiiiig *smooch* (you know, the kind of auntie-smooches *giggles*)


  13. Gaspari Stefania
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 23:48:27

    Happy birthday to you, la la la, happy birthday to you, la la la, happy birthday dear Winnie, happy birthday to you, la la la! Buon complenno our dear Furiend! Auntie Stefi, Pulce and Ugo


  14. Fulvia and Pantoufle
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 21:36:39

    Dear Winnie, we wish you a wonderful happy Birthday!! Love you!!


  15. Oz the Terrier
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 21:16:59

    Happy 1st Birthday, Winnie!!!!! I hope your day is wonderful and full of lots of love and treats!!!


  16. fairygodmotheracademy
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 15:33:40

    Happy birthday sweet winnie, we hope you have a wunnerful day and we are very pawcited for your pawty and look forward to helping you celebrate. You is getting to be such a big gurl now, and you so clefur. Wags and wuffs from @katiepops and @millymopmoo xxxxxx


  17. mogsbear (@mogsbear)
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 22:48:47

    Happy burfday darling Winnie! Its bin a joy woching yoo grow frum likkl puppy to gorgus gurlie! Hav a grrreat 1st burfday!! Huuggs


  18. furbabys
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 06:18:29

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Tooo You!! “Minnie Winnie” “Smile, show your Teeth and Blow out your 1 Year Candle” “Close your Eyes and Make a Wish” May all your Birthday Wishes Come True”
    XXOOXX Gracie, Harley and Molly @ Furbabys


  19. 3MsB - Madison, Maverick, Blaze & mom
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 06:25:00

    Happy Furst Barkday to you! We hopes you get LOTS of bacon, treats & chew toys!

    Hugs 3MsB – Madison, Maverick, Blaze & mom


  20. Bobbie & Cocoa Puff
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 06:41:41

    Yappy Birthday tooooo you…. and many more!!


  21. Stan the westie
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 06:55:12

    Happy birfday Winnie, have a lovely day full of love and fun :o) xxxx love from @whitie99 Stan


  22. 3Phibotticelli
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:06:12

    Happy Birthday dear Winnie. U brighten our day and are so smart and loving. We wish u love and light on your first Bday. Wuv u.


  23. iamtammycat
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:21:34

    Happy Birthday little one! Pats & scritches!


  24. Joann (@JoanntheRedhead)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:23:22

    Happy Birthday, Winnie!!!


  25. camakres
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:24:39

    Happy Birthday Winnie! Hope your day is fun and you get lots of pressies!


  26. Lexiedew
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:39:42

    Happy Birthday Our Winnie!! I can’t believe
    It’s been a whole year since your birth. I love
    love lots!!


  27. Auntie Kay
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:48:48

    Happy 1st birthday beautiful Winnie.
    I hope you have a lovely day full of love, friends, treats & presents
    Loads of love
    Kay xxx


  28. Ms. Molly Cat and Mama
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:54:33

    Happy birthday liddle one! Yoo grown so fast & soon yoo’ll be a full fledged guide dog. Your daddy & Nanny are sure proud of yoo, but there is a brilliant star in the heavens that’s shining a liddle brighter today watching ober her baby girl. Mama Keely watches ober yoo ware eber yoo go and her iz so proud. Happy Birthday Miss Winnie! Lubs, Ms Molly Cat & Mama *kitty kisses*


  29. torrytonks
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 07:59:55

    Happy Birthday Sweet Winnie.Headbumps from the Tonks.:)x


  30. Theodore
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 08:04:54

    Happy bearthday, Winnie! I hope your first bearthday is full of love and happy memories. Sending *hugs* for you.


  31. Sandy Robertson (Uncle Sandy)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 08:38:14

    Happy Birthday Sweet Sweet Winnie….Have a lovely Day. Uncle Sandy Loves you and thinks of you and your dad every day :-)xxxxxxxx


  32. Tiddy and Charlie
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 08:48:43

    Happy Birthday! I hope you get to have a special long walk and a few yummy treats :o) Tiddy x


  33. Aunty Elizabeth (lilacbeagle)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 08:49:07

    To our beautiful Winnie, one year old today and beautiful on the inside and out. My furry Ivory Queen, lots of tummy rubs and soothing ear tickles, aunty Eliizabeth xxxx❤❤❤xxxx


  34. Perky
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 08:52:21

    Happy Birthday and Penguin cuddles!


  35. Alfie and Billie 's staff
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 08:56:26

    Happy Birthday lovely pup!
    Luv Kaff n Brian x


  36. Mr Dash Baker
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 11:29:00

    Happy barkday Winnie! I hope you have a lovely day & get stacks of treats & belly rubs!!


  37. Baksta
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 11:38:02

    Happy Birfdaee our Winny. I hopes youz has a great day todaee.


  38. sharon.kirsty.markes
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 11:39:43

    happy birthday ,big hugs from us all x


  39. Freya, Charlotte & Archie
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 11:47:20

    Happy Birthday Winnie 😀 u be a big girl now but I sure u still has sume growing to do & we dogs is welly smart & neba stop learning. It has been lubberly to see u grow frum a ittle pup into a smart girl. Has a lubberly day. love Charlotte & Archie


  40. Wallas E. Katt (@wallasEkatt)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 11:56:43

    Happy burfday to a speshall gurl – #OurWinnie
    Uncle Wallas & Isagold xox


  41. Jack and Molly
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 12:18:01

    Wishin yooz a vedy appy burfdayz Winnie. Opin yooz gets lots of toyz nd noms nd Effurryfin else yooz wonts. Av luvly day! XX😘😘


  42. @I_Am_Luka
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 14:31:30

    Have a beautiful day – firsts are always pawsome!


  43. Tallulah Belle (@tallulahsmom)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 14:44:19

    Happy Birthday toooooo youuuuu. You’ve grown into a beautiful and confident girl Winnie. Have the best day evah. We are all so proud of you. Love you bunches. Tallulah and Mommy


  44. jansfunnyfarm
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 16:39:41

    Happy Birthday, Winnie. Hope you have a fabulous celebration.


  45. Abarie06 & Girls
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 18:05:41

    Dearest Beautiful Winnie; wishing you a wonderful birthday and many years ahead.
    Ear rubs &Nuzzles..🎉


  46. Dakota B. Dog (@DakotaBDog)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 18:30:55

    Happy birthday little niece! What a beautiful young lady doggy you’re growing up to be. 🙂 Sending your giant hugs.
    Unca Dakota


  47. @DearClyde
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 20:00:41

    You is a luffly lil pup, Winnie, and hab always made your fambly so proud. Der luff for you will shine throughout your whole life, just as your mum’s star now shines brightly. Hab a marvelous day, a fabulous year and an enchanted life!
    Always in your corner, dear! @DearClyde


  48. Megan and Oriel (@CloonfourMegan)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 21:52:42

    Happy Birthday Lovely Winnie ..!


  49. @ellnhank
    Sep 08, 2012 @ 05:01:05

    Oh, Happy Happy Birthday, dear Winnie! You’re growing up into a fine young lady and I know how very proud your mama @angelKeely and papa @PuppyNumber7 are of you. You are such a sweet girl! Love you!


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