Ode to Keely

We have been profoundly humbled and extremely touched by the outpouring of grief and tremendous support brought about by the passing of our darling Keely

We her family (Mil, Thomas, #ourWinnie and Nanny Jessie) would like to share some of the lovely messages we have received:

For Keely

written by Cookie @SadLovelyHeart

Our hearts are broken as memories of the love we shared fades into the mist of dreams. Our voices heard within the misty water-colored stains of tear drops resting on your soul. I will remember you as you are and have been – the only love that I will never share. As the days grow long and the nights go cold I will always know you are there … in my heart, in my mind and in my being. You were always the one, the everything, the beginning, the forever, and my all. I will never hear you again but I will see you in my thoughts and our heaven of hope and forever-love not lost some day. Wait for me as our touch and our breath become one – forever, now and always.


created by Nanny Jessie @JessieJaney

Keely Remembered

created by @DoggyMolly

Light a Candle

light a candle in honour of Keely


Remembering Keely – a dear and loyal friend

created by @Oz_theTerrier


Fondly Remembering Keely

created by #Nipclub


A letter to our #AngelKeely

written by @SpookyShorty



written by @Baxter_man


My Furend Keely

written by @DoggyMolly


Princess Balloons

Our furiend Gracie @furbabys has sent 5 hellium Princess balloons floating into the skies above Michigan. She has written Keely’s twitter name on them … maybe someone will find one and send us a tweet

Beautiful Keely

created by @CatGodessAthena


written by @VincentRocket

Think of Me and Smile

Rainbow Bridge Pet Song, sent to us by Thomas’ bestest, @DakotaBDog


Beacon bonfire to light your way, dear Keely

“I can see the bonfire from here, signifying all our love” @MrsDog

A Nighttime Ride

“A beautiul star streaking through. That’s the one. That’s the beautiful angel” @LeoBlue31

A Candle for Keely

“I lit a candle for Keely tonight” @LeoPussman

Rainbow Bridge

from Marie @cats_meows

Heart of sand

“wiv hugs” @dieseldawwg

Run Free

“Der is fields and fields fur yoo to run and play now Keely” @FreshOtis

Peace, Freedom and Health

“Sometimes a picture speaks more than words” @4catsstrapski (Bode)

The Road to Heaven


Light and Love

“Sending all my light and love to Keely as she goes OTRB” @LeoBlue31


“With all the love and light in the world, we welcome a loving friend OTRB. Keely, you are a special angel” @LeoBlue31

Thank you efuryone for your loving thoughts and wishes for our darling girl.

We are sorry we couldn’t collect all the pictures sent.

For those we have missed, we would be grateful if you would send them to us again for insertion into this page.

Thank you dear friends, your love and support are helping us to cope with our heartbreak. @Baxter_man & @Oz_theTerrier in particular have been an enormous help to Thomas during this time. Thanks guys.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lily T (@LilyLuWhoT)
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 04:28:32

    So many beautiful espressions of love for our dear Keely! I know I have been blessed to call her my furiend, to have shared good times & sad with her. I so wish there were words that could make this easier but no words can take away the pain of a loss of this magnitude. Keely is the brightest star in heaven now – and I know some day you’ll see her again & it will be a joyous reunion! Until that day hold her memories close in your heart – she lives forever as long as we remember her! ((HUGS))
    Love & #ComfortingPurrs to Mil, Tom, Jessie & #OurWinnie. Love you all so much!


  2. sheila
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 20:36:15

    so very sad hearing that Keely passed over, but she has so many friends waiting up here for her, & we will be free of pain & sorrow hugs xxxxx


  3. Shorty (@spookyshorty)
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 00:58:15

    Dear Keely’s mom, Husband Thomas, Daughter #ourWinnie,

    I know you may feel Keely’s time was too short here on earth, but in that short time Keely was always giving love, bringing happiness, great times had & great memories made.
    Keely will always be forever young.
    And I know why the stars twinkle so brightly because Keely is running & playing. Keely will always live in all the hearts that loved her.


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