Valentine’s Day

I tricked Keely this year – I asked where she would like to go for Valentine’s Day and she said Venice was very romantical, so I agreed. But all the while I was secretly planning; this year, I took her to the lush, tropical forests of Ubud, Bali.

Where in the world are Bali and Ubud?

To increase the confusion, before we caught the Google Earth Jet I presented her with a beautiful dress from Bali and asked if she would wear it for the evening. Considering we were supposed to be going to (chilly) Venice, the thin material of the dress was particularly inappropriate but I wouldn’t explain.

A designer haute couture original from Bali

Leaving #ourWinnie in Mil’s care, we caught GEJ for a lightning flight, landing in one of the world’s secret tropical hideaways – the “Miceroy Resort & Spa” – which is majestically situated on a secluded ridge above the Petanu River gorge along Bali’s “Valley of the Kings” and overlooks breathtaking panoramic views of the Ubud Valley.

Viceroy Hotel sits secluded along Bali's "Valley of the Kings"

As we disembarked from GEJ we were greeted by traditionally dressed Bali girls, who reside in nearby villages, and they escorted us though the water features, Balinese sculptures and tropical lush greenery of the resort gardens to our Villa.

After welcoming us, Bali girls escort us through the Spa's relaxing grounds to our Villa

It was now that I surprised Keely with the news that we were going to stay for the night at the Resort, attending their Valentine’s Day “Full Moon” Dinner & Dance.

"Full Moon" Dinner & Dance ticket

We were booked in for one night in the ultra-luxurious Terrace Villa with its stunning and dramatic architecture and outlook.

Our Resort villa placed the emphasis on the best of privacy and comfort

The Dinner & Dance that night was at the Resort’s in-house restaurant “Cats-Cades” which is one of the most romantic dining settings in the world. An army of chefs was on hand to cater to our every culinary whim. Soft piano music floated across the warm air, harmonising with the background tropical evening chorus. We could have been the only two dogs in the world …….

The 5-star Michelan restaurant "Cats-Cades"

….. we spent a glorious, wonderful night eating and dancing under the bright tropical moonbeams …..

Dancing in the moonlight with my valentine

….. and after a sound sleep in our Villa, we were awakened by gentle early-morning birdsong and the aroma of a freshly baked breakfast.

Light pastries and delicate savouries served to our Villa for breakfast

Google Earth Jet wasn’t due to pick us up until just before midday so we had some hours yet to enjoy our surroundings. And with its emphasis on privacy and comfort, the Resort was perfect for my hard working darling to rest and recharge.

Morning rest and relaxation

Gradually and pleasantly the morning whiled away until it was time to board the GEJ and head back home. Feeling refreshed and renewed, and keen to see #ourWinnie again, we bid farewell to this little-known corner of paradise, certain that one day we would be back.

Keely in traditional Balinese dress