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Easter Carrot Cake

Jellybean Bark

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Easter is a time of Springtime festivals, celebrated as a religious holiday in Christian countries. But Easter also has many customs and legends that are pagan in origin and have nothing to do with Christianity.

Hot Cross Buns
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The holiday of Easter originated with the pagan festival of Eastre, a Saxan celebration of spring and fertility. The April holiday included a number of the same springtime rituals and symbols that we know today – for instance the rabbit and the egg, both ancient symbols of fertility.

Strawberry Pie

Easter is observed on the first Sunday following the full moon that occurs on or following the spring equinox (21 March). So Easter can occur as early as March 22 or as late as April 25.

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Easter Anipals

Affectionate and intelligent

As well as Easter bunnies and chicks, the animal most associated with Easter is the humble donkey. This creature carried Jesus into Jerusalem and ever since has carried the mark of the cross on his back. Donkeys are beautiful gentle creatures but even today are badly treated in many parts of the world.

One of Keely’s favourite charities is: The Donkey Sanctuary (click to view) which was founded by the remarkable Elisabeth Svendsen to care for abandoned and abused donkeys over 40 years ago. Please have a look at the website for this wonderful charity and its sister organisation: The Elisabeth Svendsen Trust (click to view) for some truly heartwarming stories.

Did you know …

Ash Wednesday is the first day of the Lent, which is a 46 day period beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. It gets its name from the practice of painting ashes on the forehead as a sign of repentance.
Good Friday is a day of fasting prayer and repentance, and commemorates the death of Christ. Many catholic churches begin services at 3pm as this is the time Jesus is believed to have died on the cross.
Palm Sunday celebrates the triumphant entry of Jesus as the Messianic King in Jerusalem when crowds laid palm fronds at his feet.

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Happy Easter, Effuryone !