“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.” – John Steinbeck

Unbelievably, it is almost 2 months since my beloved Papa @PuppyNumber7 gained his angel wings and joined Mama @AngelKeely at Rainbow Bridge. We know that he is happy there and free from pain and suffering but our hearts are still sore with loss and we know that your hearts broke with ours.

Your love and friendship has been a constant source of comfort in the dark days since Papa left us and we are forever grateful for your solace and solidarity, your humour and friendship and the many companionable days and nights spent on #TomsPorch enjoying good conversation and fine noms.

Tom and Keely are truly together now as part of their ashes have been mingled and laid to rest at the picnic spot near the dams where Tom proposed to Keely all those years ago on his Queensland farm.

We were overwhelmed to receive this beautiful memorial candle from you all and cannot thank you enough. It is truly stunning and we will treasure it forever. It is pictured here with the stunning portrait of Keely that pals commissioned from @zaziart back in 2012

A million million thank yous. We love you all dearly

From @ourChloePup on behalf of Mil and @ourJaniePup 💕🐾💕🐾💕🐾💕🐾💕🐾


Papa’s Journey

Dear pals,

My beloved Papa’s (@PuppyNumber7) tussle with the dreaded cancer has taken another turn. Last week Nan discovered a lump growing on his side near his rib cage and investigations have confirmed that this is cancer, probably osteosarcoma, the same as affected his leg. This has been a dreadful blow to us all, coming so quickly after he finished chemo.

Options for treatment have been discussed with Papa’s vet, Dr Terry, and it has been decided that Papa will not have any more invasive surgery or stressful treatment but will have chemo tablets to take at home to slow down the growth of the lump and also pain relief medication. At the moment Papa’s rib bones are strong, he has a good appetite and he is not in pain but sadly we do not know how long this will continue. He will live out however many days he has left at home surrounded by his fambly, fursibs, kitty family, the chooks and wild birds, and of course, Nan and Pop (Wendy and David) who love him dearly.

Our hearts are sore but we will now enjoy efurry minute of efurry day and we intend to fill our time with picnics in the meadow, soccer games, rides in the car with the wind ruffling our fur and heaps of special noms. #TomsPorch will be open 24 hours a day for anyfur who wants to join in the fun or to sit in quiet reflection with loving pals. We know there are many of our Twitter pals who are going through hard times just now and our hearts are open for efurryone.


Love to you all

From Chloe Archer-Puds @ourChloePup


Hi efurryone

Rita @ausifairydust here. Mama @ourChloePup has let me write a guest post so I can tell you all about how I get ready for a show. Firstly I have to be in peak physical condition for each show and because the weather here in the U.K. is not always good I have my own little mini gym so that I can keep toned without having to drag Mum and Dad out in the rain.


A couple of days before the show I get my furs brushed out to get all the dust and dead fur out before I am bathed. Sometimes I go to a groomers to have my fur clipped as well.  I then have to be bathed and dried and Mom did that for me this time


The pink band around my ears is called a happy hoodie and stops me worrying about the noise of the dryer in my ears. I was a lickle bit scared as a pup but I’m dead brave now.

The day before the show I check that I have everything I need in my beauty box


Apart from a final brush out on the morning of the show I am now good to go!


Thank you for reading and please keep your paws crossed for me that I come home with a rosette

lots of love

Rita @ausifairydust

Papa’s Progress

Dear pals

Just a quick update to let you all know that Papa @PuppyNumber7 had his second session of chemo yesterday and all went well. He is at home resting now.  We have an anxious wait now for 4 or 5 days to see if he suffers any side effects. He came through well last time so we have all our paws crossed that he will sail through again.

He has also adapted well to life as a Tri Paw and is getting around and doing everything a dog needs to do very well.

If you can, please spend some time with us on #TomsPorch where you will find pals to chat with, comfy cushions to rest on, soft blankies to cover up with and most impawtantly an all day buffet, bar and BBQ.

Love to you all from

Chloe @ourChloePup xxxx9679B9C6-0007-47F6-854E-FA31078980BD

Rita adds to her haul of rosettes

Against stiff competition from European dogs, and in weather warm enough to ruin a dog’s best furdo, Rita gained 3rd place in both classes she entered at the National Show held at Staffordshire Showground yesterday.

Having to wait until early afternoon for her class to be judged was good experience in handling nerves and testing her temperament and we couldn’t be more pleased with her.

Her pal Robbie, a RoughCollie, also had a successful day, gaining a 3rd place and thus qualifying for Crufts 2019 too.

Happy News

Dear pals

I know many of you are anxiously waiting for more news about my beloved Papa @PuppyNumber7 so am delighted to share his latest words with you on his progress

“*….wot a pawsome day today is! T’was the morning of many firsts. For instance, I went on a looong patrol and am all smiles, actually laughed a couple of times. I am figuring out how to scratch again after a poo (just using my back legs). I am developing my gait. And I have joy in my step again. Nan’s so happy, and it seems, so am I! *thumping tailwags*

He has come through the first round of chemo with very little in the way of adverse side effects and we feel that we can now relax a little bit and enjoy every day again.

Your support and encouragement has helped immensely to get Tom to this stage of recovery. Thank you all so much for your love, supportive messages and suggestions for keeping Tom happy and active in his recovery phase.

Love you all


Chloe Archer-Puds

Rita – Sooooooper Star!

A little trip to a local show, the Wolverhampton and District Canine Society has earned our gorgeous Rita @ausifairydust not just 1 red winners rosette but 3! Can you believe that? She very nearly took Best in Show as well but just lost a little bit of sparkle, which was very understandable in the warm weather we are currently enjoying. We are all immensely proud of her, our little show stopper.

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